Fruit of the Day: Survey + Giveaway

Fruit of the day survey: Vote for your favorites!

Edited 4/20: And the winner is....... Ophelia Leong!! Thank you yet again to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey.

Here are the winning Fruits: Watermelon, Avocado, Fig, Dragon Fruit, Raspberry, Grape, Pear, Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Boysenberry.

Edited to add: Survey is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who voted!! Giveaway winner will be announced Monday April 20th at 3 pm EST.

Hello lovely people! I bring you the (drum roll please...) Fruit of the Day Survey! Now is the time to vote for all of your favorite fruit patterns from the past month and help me create my spring/summer collection! I will be turning the top pattern sketches into proper patterns that will be uploaded to my shops

Below you will see a compilation of each Fruit of the Day numbered and labeled, as well as the survey to fill out at the bottom. You can vote for as many or as few as you want. If you would like to be added to my newsletter to be notified when the collection goes live, feel free to leave your email. The survey will remain open until Friday April 17th! Thank you for coming along this journey with me. I can't wait to see what y'all pick!

Giveaway Details:

Because you guys are awesome, each survey entry will be eligible for my very first giveaway! One person will win a 8" x 10" print of one of the final patterns (winner's choice). The winner will be announced on my Instagram, on this here blog, as well as contacted by email. Winner will be announced Monday April 20 at 3pm EST! One entry per person.

p.s. please be aware that some of the colors are not completely accurate in the below photos.

Fruit of the Day compilation of days 1 through 9
Fruit of the Day Compilation days 10 - 18
Fruit of the Day Compilation days 19 - 22
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Fruit of the Day: Week 5 Roundup

Day 21: Pomegranate

Day 21: Pomegranate

Hi guys (and gals)! Here are the stragglers from week 5 of Fruit of the Day. I was originally going to include it in the post along with the survey, but I don't want anyone to get confused. Since the last week of March is only 2 days long, I finished up day 15 (grapes) on the first of April. 

Fruit of the Day: Pomegranate detail
Day 22: Boysenberry

Day 22: Boysenberry

Fruit of the day: boysenberry detail

Boysenberry was a last minute Facebook request, so of course I had to oblige. Did you know that boysenberries are a hybrid between raspberries and blackberries? I surely didn't. 

Day 15 makeup: Grapes

Day 15 makeup: Grapes

fruit of the day: Grapes detail

In the beginning this seemed like a daunting challenge and was sure I'd run out of fruit to draw. Ha! How wrong I was! March is over and yet I'm still thinking about all the fruit haha. The only fruit on my list that I didn't do was mango...blame boysenberry. Stay tuned for the survey to vote for your favorites!

Fruit of the Day: Week 4 Roundup

Day 16: Pear

Day 16: Pear

March is quickly coming to an end. I think we can all agree that March is a pretty lengthy month ( 31 days is just craziness if you ask me), but it's amazing how fast it goes by when you're a busy drawing fruit all day. Here is week 4's roundup. Enjoy!

CMC Fruit of the Day: Pear
Day 17: Cherry

Day 17: Cherry

CMC Fruit of the Day: Cherry detail
Day 18: Grapefruit

Day 18: Grapefruit


I think Grapefruit is my favorite pattern from this week. The colors are intoxicating. I may be biased, but I swoon every time I look at it.

Day 19: Blackberry

Day 19: Blackberry

CMC Fruit of the Day: Blackberry detail
Day 20: Papaya

Day 20: Papaya

CMC Fruit of the Day: Papaya detail

I had a small freak out this past week when I realized that the moonlight gel pens don't take well to scanning. I'm going to try photographing these and see how that turns out. If anyone has had any luck scanning neon please let me know. 

Which is your favorite from Week 4?

p.s. There will be a survey to vote for your favorites at the end of Fruit of the Day. I'll be making proper patterns from fan (and my own) favorites, so stay tuned :)

Fruit of the Day: Week 3 Roundup

CMC Fruit of the day_blueberry

Hello lovely people, here is week three's roundup for Fruit of the Day. We are out of town at the moment, so you might notice that these are pictures form my Instagram and that there are only four fruits this week. Which means that you'll be seeing an additional fruit at some point in time next week... YAY!   

CMC Fruit of the Day_blueberry close up

Day 11 was Blueberry (my favorite fruit of allllllllllll time). I used the metallic blue Gelly Roll pen to add a little glam and depth.   

CMC Fruit of the Day_ dragon fruit
CMC Fruit of the Day_dragonfruit close up

Day 12: Pitaya a.k.a. Dragon Fruit. I've never had Dragon Fruit before, but it looks like a very interesting fruit. If you want something festive dragon fruit is the way to go haha. I've been obsessed with black and white + neon lately. It's just a stunning combination.

CMC Fruit of the Day_raspberry
CMC Fruit of the Day_raspberry closeup

Day 13: Raspberries!!! They look like they're flying in outer space! 

CMC Fruit of the Day_star fruit
CMC Fruit of the Day_ star fruit

Last but not least...Day 14: Star Fruit. I restarted this one once and ended up really liking the first crack at it after I finished this one. So if you see Star Fruit again at some point don't be surprised :) 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

Fruit of the Day Roundup: Week 2

Day 6: Peach

Day 6: Peach

It's that time again! Here is the round up of #CMCFruitOfTheDay week 2. Since I've started this challenge I've been seeing fruit everywhere! I guess i'm just more aware of it:) 

This challenge is proving to be smoother than I thought it'd be. I've always wanted to do a "pattern a day" type of challenge, but never got past thinking about it. I'd start thinking about the end result before even getting started and psyche myself out. My inner critic would pop up and go on a spree of questions/negativity: "What would I draw? I can't keep up with a new pattern EVERY SINGLE DAY...that's crazy! There's no need for all that stress."  When in all actuality this has been an amazing journey for me so far and a chance to experiment. As long as I take it a day at a time and actually remember that this is a time for play then all is well. 

Day 7: Banana

Day 7: Banana

I decided to play around with some collage for Day 7 and boy was that a serious arm workout! I made sure to take plenty of breaks haha. 

Day 8: Fig

Day 8: Fig

Day 9: Strawberry

Day 9: Strawberry

CMC Fruit of the Day: Day9 Strawberry detail

I think Fig and Strawberry are definitely favorites of mine out of this week's patterns. I especially love the contrast of the neon pink gel pen on top of black ink.

So far, day 10 was the only day where I almost decided to forego a fruit post. I really wasn't feeling well, but I pushed through and got the drawing done and the post up.....and then i took a very long nap haha. 

Day 10: Apple

Day 10: Apple

Can't wait to see what next week entails! Don't forget you can follow along on Instagram either by following me @CallMeChartreuse or by searching the hashtag #CMCFruitOfTheDay. I've also started showing what tools I used for that day's pattern. I'll be creating proper patterns out of the fan favorites.

p.s. i finally started on the Watson Bra & Bikini Pattern by Cloth about exciting!

Which fruit pattern has been your favorite so far? How do you challenge your creativity? 


Fruit of the Day Roundup: Week 1

CMC Fruit of the day: kiwi and orange

Do you guys remember Gelly Roll gel pens? You know, the ones we used back in middle school to add a little pizazz to a top secret note you were writing to your best friend. Well I pulled out those last few gel pens that I had to accent some watercolor drawings in my sketchbook. They wrote for 2 minutes and then nothing. I knew they'd be all dried and gross, but I was hopeful. This past week I stopped into the craft store and picked up a brand new set of Moonlight Gelly Roll gel pens. Fast forward to today and my love affair with them is stronger than ever. They're so luscious and opaque and bright and just WONDERFUL! The ink dries matte and is so fluid that i can move it around with a small brush (which also saves ink). They kind of remind me of gouache. 

I bought the set with the intentions of just playing around...add a little color here or there. I wasn't looking for a long term relationship or anything, but they swept me off my feet. I started out drawing some kiwi and inadvertently started a March challenge for myself called Fruit of the Day! The colors make me dream of nothing but fruit....which makes me giddy for spring.

CMC fruit of the day: orange
CMC Fruit of the day: watermelon
CMC fruit of the day: Pineapple

A challenge needs a few guidelines right? Here are the guidelines I have set for myself: 

  • I will draw 4-5 different fruits each week for the month of March
  • there will be a weekly round up on the weekend (most likely on Sundays)
  • patterns will be created from the most popular fruits (and the ones i just can't live without hahaha)
  • gel pens will be used in some aspect within each pattern
  • readers can suggest a fruit and I'll add it to the list (if it's not on there yet)
CMC Fruit of the day: Avocado
List as of today. Fruits with a number to the right were suggested by others. The number indicates the amount of votes for that fruit. The checked ones are the ones I have drawn already and the number to the left indicates the order they were done. I hope my handwriting is somewhat legible :)

List as of today. Fruits with a number to the right were suggested by others. The number indicates the amount of votes for that fruit. The checked ones are the ones I have drawn already and the number to the left indicates the order they were done. I hope my handwriting is somewhat legible :)

If you just can't wait for the weekly round up you can follow me on Instagram (@CallMeChartreuse) and you can also search #CMCfruitoftheday on there as well. i hope y'all enjoy this as much as I am. 

Don't forget to suggest a fruit in the comments and i'll add it to my list!