Introducing My First Skillshare Course

A few weeks ago I did something really scary... I hit PUBLISH on my very first online course. Extremely exciting, but also very scary. I gave myself one day to freak out and then started proclaiming it to the world without one ounce of regret. Creating a course wan't easy, but it sure was fun! It made me realize how much I enjoy teaching and how addicting editing film can be (never thought i'd actually enjoy editing...go figure).

Example of the drawn icons i used to create the finished repeat.

Example of the drawn icons i used to create the finished repeat.

As the name states, the class is all about how you can turn your drawings into a beautiful pattern. If you ever wondered how to use Adobe Photoshop to design patterns while staying true to the hand drawn feel then this class is for you. In it I show you how to isolate your lines, create a repeat, and color your lines quickly and easily.

The course is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, but I may be biased so don't take my word for it...just take a peek at some of the reviews it has received in the past few weeks.

Love this class! It covers a lot of the basics so even beginning artists can pop out a fun pattern in no time. I’m fairly experienced with Photoshop but even so, this class covers tricks I never knew I could do. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to get creative!
— Hazy A.
Nicely presented and skillful direction. Thank you
— Anita, L S.
Simple, clear steps to creating great patterns!
— Kerrie H.

Thank you to everyone who has already enrolled. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone creates! How about you? Is there something scary but totally awesome that you are working on? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below.