New Pattern: Say Cheese!

Happy (almost) New Year!! 2015 will be here very soon. This is the last new pattern of 2014...crazy huh? I told my dad i'd have this camera pattern done by the end of December and by golly I made sure I stuck to my word. If you would like to see work in progress pictures (because i actually took some this time haha) then check out >>this post<<. It's in four different color variations and is now available in my shop.

I hope everyone has a safe and festive new year's eve!! 

Work in Progress + Holidaze Day 6


Hey team! I have three (soon to be four) garments I still need to photograph for the blog, but here's a new pattern I'm currently working on. My dad's a photographer and has been looking for a camera themed phone case, so since I'm such an amazing daughter I gladly took on the task of creating a pattern. 


I actually took a few progress shots this time (yay me!). Cameras can be kind of weird to draw. I'm on to the color and should have it done by sometime next week. A friend of mine mentioned that she thought It'd look great as a letterpress print and I'm strongly considering getting letterpress prints done of this pattern and maybe a few others. If you'd be interested in buying a print let me know.

Holidaze will be coming to an end soon :( But on the bright side today you can receive $5 off All phone cases plus free shipping. Click the ^^ pic ^^ to treat yo self. 


I leave you with these amazing donuts I made the other day (they have all been devoured since then). Gluten free, vegan, cinnamon sugar and chocolate covered goodness.