Free download: Winter To-Do list

                                              Posted to  instagram

                                              Posted to instagram

Hey team! For awhile now i've been wanting an awesomely snazzy To-Do list. After searching around the world wide web I realized that all of the free ones were pretty boring…so i made my own. I got a really great response to the drawing on Instagram and Facebook and decided to make it into a free download (since it is the "season of giving" haha). If you enjoy the drawing without all the gobbledy gook then fear not because I love the drawing so much that i'm going to re draw it as a pattern :) 

Click the image above to download or head to the free downloads page. Feel free to make it your own by coloring it! To save paper, frame it and use a dry erase marker to write out your lists ( that's what i'm going to do). If you customize it feel free to post a pic on instagram and hashtag it #CMCtodolist. 

This download is for personal use only.