Newsprint Circle Top


Hey gang, I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! We went down to Georgia for a few days to spend time with family, celebrate our wedding anniversary (4 years…gah!!!) and my husband's birthday. It was a pretty eventful few days. I woke up thinking that today was the 29th, but nope…it's definitely not, which means that tomorrow is new year's eve. I could have sworn I had a few more days to get 2014 makes up, but looks like they're gonna spill into 2015 a little bit. 

Let's get on with the show. This lovely make is Papercut Patterns' Circle Top. If you thought the Marianne Dress was a quick sew (which it totally is) then this is double-timing it. Talk about instant gratification! Surprisingly, I haven't seen any of these floating around the blog-o-sphere. If you know of anyone who's made it let me know. I'd love to see other variations. 


Please excuse the fuzzy head shot. I don't have a camera remote and working with a timer is a fine art. Keeping your head still is a skill haha. Anywho… the fabric I used was a Newsprint Stripe Knit I bought at a local shop the day before we officially left Alaska, so unfortunately I don't have a link for it. It's a beautiful fabric, but was finicky to work with. The gray and black sections of the knit were stretchier than the cream section which made cutting something symmetrical quite frustrating. 

This was my second time working with a design from Papercut Patterns (the Anima Pant was the first). Their instructions a easy to follow, although I will say that the pictures provided aren't as detailed as i like them to be. I like the pictures to be super detailed… just a personal preference though. If you've thought about making the circle top go for it!!! It's so comfortable and versatile (if you haven't realized by now i'm all about comfort). 

If I don't see you before Thursday have an amazingly great and awesome New Year!!