Anima Pants + Where I've Been

Shirt |  Chambray Archer  // Pants | Anima Pants // Shoes | Black Vans

Shirt | Chambray Archer // Pants | Anima Pants // Shoes | Black Vans

Hey team! I know I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks, so before I get into the AMAZING creation that is the Anima Pant which you see above, let us play a wee bit of catch up first.

  • Our time was up in Alaska which meant... MOVING TIME!!!! I had a bunch of garments I wanted to get sewn up before I had to be forcefully separated from my beloved sewing machine, so I had to sew like i've never sewn before. which also means i have a few un-blogged garments that will be making their way onto the blog. Thank God the army handles all the moving details because moving is stressful, especially when it's considered an overseas move.
  • The day before we were scheduled to fly out I had a flair up of an unidentified chronic illness…which meant I was down for the count once we reached our destination.
  • My husband and I have been taking his younger sister on college tours. Ubber exciting!
  • Went to an Atlanta Falcons game….ATL won by a landslide. The perfect game to go to for my first NFL game.
  • Made a trip to North Carolina (where we will be next) to check out the area and make a decision about where we were going to live.
  • Lastly, we've just been taking this time to visit with family and enjoy being back on the east coast.

Now to the main attraction…the Anima Pant by Papercut Patterns. How much do i love the Anima Pant??? Let me count the ways. seriously though these are THE most comfortable pants i have ever worn…plus they are unbelievably quick to sew up. These took me two days from tracing the pattern to sewing, so once you trace off the pattern you can crank out a few pairs in a matter of days!

I traced off the second to smallest size (maybe size xs…can't remember off the top of my head) and they fit great! For this pair I used Tomahawk Stripe in Knit from the Arizona collection by April Rhodes. I added an inch or so to the elastic at the waist and left off the ankle cuffs. Other than that, no additional alterations were needed.  

Check out those matching side seams!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!

Check out those matching side seams!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!

Pants can be quite intimidating when it comes to sewing (at least for me they are). These are a great "first pair of pants" sewing boost if you are in need of one. Comfort + style + great fit + little effort and time = WINNER! 

p.s. hip hip hooray for another handmade outfit!! if you missed the post about my Archer you can find it  Follow me on Instagram (@CallMeChartreuse) for sneak peeks and updates.

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What do you find intimidating when it comes to sewing??