Pillow Chat

My friend Kerrel's birthday was January 6th, so I whipped up this lovely quilted pillow for her. I have a not-so-secret love for half-square triangles and took this opportunity to play with them. In a magical world where unicorns run free an ideal situation I would have loved to just surprise her, but being the kind friend that I am, I wanted it to actually match her bedroom. I nonchalantly asked her what her bedroom color scheme was and found out that it was a navy and neutral color palette (neutral as in khaki). 

Surprisingly, navy fabrics were hard to come by, but I found these beautiful blue batiks that worked out well. This is the first pillow that I've made and didn't feel like searching for a sewing pattern, so I just winged it. The front is quilted in a zig-zag pattern that mimics the blocks and the back is straight line quilting with an envelope closure. 

I mailed the pillow off to her about a week ago and she LOVES it. It matches perfectly with her bedroom (which she thinks is creepy…I told her to be impressed). The greatest feeling ever is when people truly love and appreciate handmade gifts.