Play Time

11" X 12.5"

Since I'm in between big projects right now I used monday as a designated play day. I've had a lot of ideas swimming around in my head lately including making art quilts. I only had a general idea of what I wanted to do, so like a mad woman I just started grabbing fabric. The background slowly grew as fabric slivers were cut and sewed together.  Then I started adding the other elements on top of that. 

The quilting is easier to see looking at the back. I had absolutely no plan whatsoever when it came to the quilting, so I just freestyled it :) If I use dark fabrics next time i'll most likely use thread that's a shade lighter, so the quilting will be easier to see while still blending in.

I'm definitely going to be experimenting more with art quilting. The next piece will probably more intricate.